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    2017-2019 Youth Football Camps

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    This program is established to be an interactive learning experience for young athletes. Campers learn mental & physical skills while participating in stations, circuits, competitions, and more.

    TEXAS (2019)

    OREGON (2018)

    TEXAS (2018)

    TEXAS (2017)

    ❇ This program is for all registrants ages 6-17. This is a non-contact camp. 
    ❇ Each summer, this camp is hosted to benefit student-athletes.
    ❇ For younger athletes (ages 6 – 12), our main focus is on teaching core fundamentals; exposing campers to the positions, rules and proper terminology. Athletes engage in interactive drills and instruction.
    ❇ For the older age groups (ages 12+), we utilize situational drills and competitions to create a “challenging + rewarding” learning environment for campers/athletes.
    ❇ This camp will take place at Traylor Stadium in Rosenberg, TX and Wilson High School in Portland, OR.

    Portland, OR

    Ages: 6 – 17
    Location: 1151 SW Vermont St, Portland, OR 97219
    Date: Saturday, July 13, 2019

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    Rosenberg, TX

    Ages: 6 – 17
    Location: 4606 Mustang Ave. Rosenberg, TX 77471
    Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019

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    – A Special Thanks –
    A special thanks to all families, parents, coaches, businesses, staff, and organizations who continue to work to expand and improve the quality and offering of this yearly summer program for student-athletes.

    Inquiries, camp information, sponsorship information, or any additional questions — Contact Us: info@Quizz32Rodgers.com or visit our Camp Sponsors page.